How to Turn Off ‘Read Receipts’ on Most Popular Messaging Apps

Obliviousness is rapture. Responsibility isn’t. Assuming you’re the kind of individual who likes to take as much time as necessary to answer to messages, you presumably don’t need the strain of perused receipts looming over your head.

Peruse receipts are an incorporated piece of each well known informing stage. At the point when you (or another person) peruses a message, you get that twofold tick or timestamp. It’s great to realize that the message was conveyed, and read. In any case, imagine a scenario where you’re on the opposite side.

You can remove yourself from this game by handicapping read receipts on all well known informing administrations. We’ll walk you through the means underneath.

Note: Disabling read receipts works the two different ways. When impaired, you frequently will not have the option to see when your messages are conveyed and perused by the same token.

What to do if there’s no option to turn off read receipts? (Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram)

Not every popular messaging app supports this feature. Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram don’t give you the option to disable read receipts.

But there’s a workaround you can use to read messages without alerting the sender—by using airplane mode. Enable airplane mode on your device, then open the app, and read the message. While you’re in airplane mode, the person won’t know you have read it.

Microsoft Teams

Want to stop your co-workers from knowing the exact second you’ve read a message in the Microsoft Teams app? Click your Profile icon from the toolbar and go to “Settings.” From the “Privacy” section, disable the “Read Receipts” feature.


In the Signal app, tap your Profile icon, go to Settings > Privacy and disable the “Read Receipts” option.


LinkedIn lets you disable both read receipts and the typing indicator, though the steps are different for the website, and the mobile apps.

On the website, click your Profile icon and go to Settings & Privacy. Go to Communications > Messaging Experience and click the “Change” button next to the Read receipts and typing indicators option. Here, you can disable the feature.

On the mobile app, go to Profile > Settings > Communications > Messaging Experience > Read receipts and typing indicators, and disable the feature.

Google Messenger

On the Android side, the steps are slightly different. Open the Google Messenger app on your Android smartphone, and tap the three-dotted Menu button in the top-right. Go to Settings > Chat Features and disable the “Send Read Receipts” option.


On your iPhone, you can disable read receipts for iMessage from the Settings app. Go to Settings > Messages and disable the “Read Receipts” option.


Let’s start with the most popular messaging platform on the planet: Go to Settings > Account > Privacy and disable “Read Receipts.”

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