How To Grow A Beard If You Can’t

Assuming you’re understanding this, odds are you can’t grow a facial hair growth. Furthermore sadly for you, the truth of the matter is that a few men can’t develop stubbles regardless of how diligently they attempt. They research how to develop beard growth wanting to track down a mysterious equation, medication, or nutrient they can take to begin growing a thick facial hair growth.

Underneath, we’ll talk about the justifications for why you can’t grow a facial hair growth and elements influencing why you may always be unable to. At last, we’ll show you precisely the means you want to take to grow a facial hair growth in the event that you can’t, including ways of getting a thicker facial hair growth quicker.

How To Grow A Beard If You Can’t

If your genetics are not the issue, then we have a few tips on how you can grow a beard faster. Ultimately, if you are capable of growing a full beard but can’t, the problem is with bad lifestyle habits.

How To Grow A Beard If You Can’t

Be Patient and Stay Committed

Those under 30 shouldn’t worry about poor beard growth yet. And if you’re still in your teens or 20’s, be patient during the process. Give yourself at least a month to several weeks in case it just takes your body more time than others.

Improve Your Health

Improving your lifestyle, from diet to sleep to exercise to stress relief, is sure to improve your chances of growing a real beard. Don’t forget to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night to increase hormone production.

Take A Multivitamin

Certain vitamins are essential to healthy skin, nails, and hair growth. While VitaBeard is one such dietary supplement marketed to men who want to grow a beard thicker and faster, the truth is any quality multivitamin offers all the same nutrients and benefits at a fraction of the price.

Talk To A Doctor

If you’ve tried everything and nothing works, then you might consider seeing a specialist. The right doctor may be qualified to identify whether your lack of facial hair is caused by an issue with your skin, a hormone imbalance, or simply genetics.

You Can Grow A Beard

For men who can’t grow a beard, it’s clear that there might be a number of reasons why, from your genetics to your lifestyle. While factors like our genes or age can’t be changed, there’s no doubt that improving your health can give you the best chance of growing a beard at the fastest rate possible for your body. Plus, there’s always the side benefit of being fitter, looking better, and generally feeling more confident. And if all else fails, embrace the soft skin on your baby face and be happy with your youthful look.

Why Some Men Can’t Grow Beards

If you can’t grow a beard, it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong with you. In fact, the topic of facial hair growth is an extremely complicated one and might not have anything to do with your health. To simplify things, we’ll start with the three most important variables that come into play when determining whether or not you can grow a beard. In no particular order, these are genetics, testosterone levels and the way your body reacts to it, and age.


It’s a somewhat unfortunate truth that beard growth is highly dependent on your genetic makeup. Not only can your genes determine whether or not you can grow facial hair, but they also control how much, how thick, and where your facial hair grows!

In general, most males have about the same level of testosterone in their bodies. But studies have shown that men with thick beards are highly-responsive to testosterone, and therefore grow thicker, fuller beards faster! Simply put, despite the idea that facial hair represents manliness or virility, not being able to grow a beard has everything to do with genetics, assuming you are completely healthy.

Nevertheless, guys who can’t grow beards can take solace in the fact that, men who are more sensitive to testosterone, are also more likely to lose their head of hair and go bald. It’s no wonder bald men with beards are trending.


If your genetics isn’t the problem, then age is another factor that can cause you to wonder if all men can grow beards. Given that most guys end puberty and stop growing around the age of 21, many men are under the disillusion that facial hair growth should reach its prime at that same age. Instead, your beard’s growth rate will peak at around 30 years of age; although some researchers believe it keeps on increasing the longer you live.

If you’re younger than 25 years old and have only grown a bit of stubble in a couple weeks, don’t give up. Will you ever grow a beard? Maybe. Just be patient and don’t shave yet – let nature take its course.

Lack of Testosterone

Another important factor is the amount of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, and a lack thereof is undeniably one of the most common causes of poor beard growth. A lack of testosterone in your body (as a result of a poor diet, a lack of exercise, or stunted hormone function) can greatly reduce your chances of growing a beard.

Changing your lifestyle can increase and maximize testosterone levels in your body. For example, studies demonstrate that weightlifting can boost testosterone, while a proper diet and sufficient rest can help ensure your facial hair grows at its fastest rate.

Other Factors Affecting Beard Growth

Although those three variables are the most vital ones when it comes to facial hair growth, there are other reasons why you may not be able to grow a beard. In brief, these are:

  • Lack of sleep, which may stunt testosterone production
  • Skin conditions, such as alopecia (when your immune system attacks hair follicles)
  • Drug consumption
  • Damaged skin

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