How To Fix A Patchy Beard

Assuming you have a sketchy facial hair growth, this guide will tell you the best way to fix an inconsistent facial hair growth and get the thick, full facial hair you needed all of the time. There are many foundations for sketchy facial hair development, and keeping in mind that hereditary qualities can assume a part, a portion of the issues for lopsided beard growth can be fixed.

Regardless of whether you need to fill in a sketchy facial hair growth with tips and deceives or sort out ways of growing a full facial hair growth without patches and uncovered spots, we take care of you with this aide. Here are the most ideal ways to fix your sketchy facial hair normally.

Patchy Beard Fix

For proper beard care, remember the following maintenance and grooming tips for healthy growth:

  1. Wash, shampoo and condition your beard regularly.
  2. Apply beard oil to moisturize your skin and facial hair.
  3. Apply beard balm to hydrate and keep your facial hair styled.
  4. Brush your beard to cover uneven patches and straighten out hairs.
  5. Groom your beard to stimulate growth and manage uneven spots.
  6. Maintain a good diet, get regular exercise, enjoy enough sleep, and minimize stress.
  7. Grow out your beard to fill in patchy areas; otherwise, trim your hair short.
  8. Choose the perfect beard styles for your face and facial hair.

Even Out Your Patchy Beard

Another method to even out your beard is to try what is most easily described as beard contouring. While this method isn’t the simplest to try at home, it can be done using a good beard trimmer or detailer.

Uneven Beard

The idea is to individually target the longer hair around the sparse patches and blend the two lengths together. By doing this you can smooth the patchiness without sacrificing too much length.

If you’re feeling nervous about your beard contouring abilities, head to your barber and they can always do it for you.

Good Beard Care

Nothing is worse for a patchy beard than dry, unclean hair. So while maintaining healthy habits for your beard won’t guarantee new growth, it will make your beard look smooth and fresh and diminish the dirty curls that accentuate the patches.

Good Beard Care

It’s important to use products that are safe not just for your beard, but your face as well. The skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your head, so using a specialized beard cleanser in the shower is your best bet.

Also, regularly exfoliating your face to remove dead skin will stop beard itch and ensure healthy facial hair. Applying a top-rated beard oil and balm can lock in moisture during the day and reduce the wiry tangles.

Choose The Best Beard Styles

There are a number of beard styles that can be utilized to hide a patchy beard. If your patchiness is primarily on your cheeks, facial hair styles like the trendy Balbo or clean-cut Royale that focus on chin and mustache hair might work for you.

Patchy Beard Styles

If you struggle with growth on your chin, a classic mustache or edgy mutton chops could be perfect. There are so many great patchy beard styles that could be a trendy look for your face.

Shade Inside The Lines

If nothing else is giving the look you desire, you can always get an eyebrow pencil to shade your patchy spots. It’s the same concept as penciling in your eyebrows to appear thicker; by lightly shading the areas without hair you’ll create the illusion of homogeneous growth.

Fill In Patchy Beard

If you’re going to take this route, make sure you choose the right color. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to color match, take a friend to provide a second opinion or head somewhere like Sephora to get a color match from one of the make-up artists on hand.

Eat To Grow

To give yourself the best chance at having a full beard, you need to supply your body with the vitamins necessary for healthy hair growth.

Healthy Patchy Beard Growth

Not only are vitamin deficiencies linked to hair loss, but an unhealthy diet can also be detrimental to your beard.

If you want to fix your patchy beard, eat healthily and make sure you’re hitting your daily recommended vitamin intake.

In particular, niacin (vitamin B3) is imperative to the growth of healthy skin and hair so stock up on niacin-rich foods like chicken breasts, pork, tuna, avocado, and peanuts.

Don’t Use Minoxidil On Your Face

While Minoxidil is touted as a miracle cure for hair loss on top of your head, it is extremely important that it isn’t used on your face without express guidance from a dermatologist.

Fix Patchy Facial Hair

All across the internet, you can read stories of men using these products on their faces to great reward, but Minoxidil is a powerful medication not designed for use on the face.

Not only is there a possibility that the short-term side effects may be awful, but your face is far more porous than the skin on your scalp, meaning you could absorb dangerous levels of the chemical into your bloodstream.

Fix and Get Rid of a Patchy Beard

Patchy Beard Causes

From genetics and hormonal imbalances to stress and fungal infections, there are a numbers of reasons for uneven facial hair growth. If you’ve always had a patchy beard, then it may just be genetics and this isn’t something you can change or fix.

Patchy Beard Causes

However, if you used to be able to grow a full beard and suddenly are experiencing sparse growth, it may be time to take a hard look at your lifestyle and what’s changed. Similarly, a visit to your doctor could offer the quickest solution.

Ultimately, determining why your beard is patchy can help you take the proper steps to address the underlying causes.

Grow A Long Beard

One of the best ways to disguise a patchy beard is to grow it long enough that the sparse areas are no longer visible. If you’re not interested in a long beard, this isn’t the tip for you. But if you’ve always wanted full facial hair, growing out a thick long beard can help cover up patchy parts.

Grow A Long Beard

The reason this works is that the parts of your beard thick with growth will obscure the thin spots, tricking the eye into believing it’s all thick and glossy.

There’s going to be an awkward phase before the hair gets long enough to conceal the patchiness, but if you can get through the first month, you’re home free.

Long Patchy Beard

On the plus side, while going through the difficult phase of growing out your beard, you can always try some of the other ways to fix patchy facial hair.

Trim Your Beard Regularly

If a bushy beard isn’t the look you’re after, another great patchy beard solution is to keep things looking sleek and trim. Having a mix of long and short hair in your beard will only exaggerate the difference and draw the eye to the inconsistent growth.

Trim Your Patchy Beard

An easy way to counteract this is to shave your entire beard to look like only two or three day’s growth. Set your shaver to a 2- or 3-guard and shave the whole thing.

The idea is to keep it long enough that it looks deliberate (and not like you slept through your alarm), but short enough that the patches aren’t obvious.

Clean Up The Edges

A patchy beard can look unkempt. One of the best ways to counteract this is to clean up the edges. By trimming your sideburns, shaving your neck, and cleaning up the cheeks and mustache, the focus will be drawn away from your inability to grow a thick beard and toward your clean-cut, sleek look.

Clean Up A Patchy Beard

One of the bonuses to this method is that a tailored look with straight, defined edges gives the illusion of a more angular cheek and jawline.

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